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Default Re: Really neat free online photography course

Originally Posted by Tonya View Post
I'm no photo professional, however it's a hobby of mine when I have the time and I'm currently working on upgrading to a newer camera. I've never taken a photography course since time and $$ won't allow it, but while browsing around looking at photography stuff, I came across this and after the first 2 lessons, I've already added a lot of knowledge to my amateur status.

Let me know what you think! Enjoy!
Thanks for the link Tonya! I'll def be looking into it.......The Best Scrapbooking Supplies On The Web - Two Peas in a Bucket also has a pretty cool 12 week free online course with if you ever wanted to check it out.......talks about exposure, portraits, landscapes, pets, sports pics.....all types of great info!
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