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Default Re: how to make his style

Okay so here is my tutorial on a funky bow. Remember this is my first one ever! So I know I made one screw up on the first bow to start the project and if I made anymore I will realize as I type this out and look. Oh, and BE GENEROUS WITH GLUE! I ended up using 1 1/2 sticks of glue!

Funky-Over-The-Top Bow by: Tiffanys Ticklemepink Boutique

Step 1-I started making the big bow in the front where all the magic would happen. I should have done figure eights but I don't know what I was thinking. So the figure eights would have been 14 inches long each but my 4 pieces were 7 inches each.

Step 2-Glue ends together if you make 4 pieces instead of figure eights.

Step 3-Take your two pieces and line them up the way you want them, like which color goes on top and so forth.

Step 4-Glue both pieces together the way you want them. If you do figure eights you could have skipped all of this and went straight to it.

Step 5-Go ahead and cut your marabou or chicken feathers the size you want it, Remember to make it a little bigger since you are going to have to put tons of thing on top of it and you still want it to show.

Step 6-I decided to use tulle because I have lots of excess laying around. I basically cut two strips same length and then twisted them in the middle and glued a 3/8 inch ribbon to the tulle and wrapped it so it was secure and would not come loose.

Step 7- Go ahead and fasten down your tulle if you used it, and center it up good. Also leave a bit of this tulle sticking out on the side so that in the chaos of the bow you still see it and get the effect from it.

Step 8-Go ahead and glue in your marabou or chicken feathers and be generous with the glue because you don't want this piece to be loose. If it is then while a child is wearing it everything on top of this piece may flop around or fall off. So make sure it is secure!!!

Step 9-Decide on your next 2 ribbons for the smaller bow. I used the figure eights this time like I should have with the first. I just alli clipped them together for a moment to make sure I was getting the effect that I wanted and the loops would sit like I needed.

Step 10-Go ahead and make your ribbon spray. I seen some people say they didn't like the sprays and some do. But when I originally started I wasn't planning on doing them then I decided I liked more chaos than what I had so I went for it. Now my sprays ended up being about the same length as my tulle. But I left enough there so it could be seen but wouldn't look weird.

Step 11-I had this little bitty bow left over from a craft show last weekend and I didn't use it so it was perfect to have it already made and not have to take the time to make another. But after I laid it in the middle of the project I wanted more.. More bling more insanity so I used rhinestone ribbon slider I had laying around. I first just threaded some tulle in it and you could see the metal piece and so I used a piece of 3/8 inch ribbon on top of the tulle and glued the slider down to the bow then cut the ribbon/tulle at the back and secured it.

Step 12-Go ahead and glue whatever center you have to the middle of your smaller bow. Here I have my itty bitty bow and slider glued to the middle of my middle sized bow.

Step 13-Now when I looked at my bow this is when I realized I needed a bigger bow in the back to hold my ribbon spray up and make it more poofy. So make sure to do this after you have the rest of the bow done so you know how big to make this bow! I used two figure eights in different ribbon for that. Go ahead and glue those two figure eights together and your almost done!

Step 14- Make sure and use a heaping mound of glue in the middle of the bow you just made and when you think you have enough glue to hold it together then place your other part of the bow on top of it. In the picture you can distinctly see one of the loops from my back bow. It's not uneven but that bow was so much bigger meaning I had bigger loops that you have to fix the loops to the position you want them. After you put that last bow on go ahead and glue your alligator clip to the back of your bow. For those new people who don't use covered alligator clips or don't know what they are you basically line your alligator clip with 3/8 inch ribbon so that your bow will hold better to the ribbon than to metal.

TADA!!!!!!!! And there is my version of the Funky-Over-The-Top Bow!!! I added some pictures of my fat kid chunky butt wearing it so you can see just how big it actually is and what it looks like. Also the final measurements on the bow came to..... Drum Roll.... 5 INCHES LONG AND 4 INCHES TALL!

I hope this helps those of you like me who have forever been trying to figure this thing out and I am so excited that I may have helped at least one person!
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