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Default Re: Plus Size TuTu

One of my coworkers made a tutu and shes bigger than 50" in the waist. I think she used 200-300 yards of tulle and it wasn't that full. I would figure about 300 yards of tulle depending on how fluffy she wants it and price it as 4 times your regular price or so, and quote her that. Let her know that it takes a lot more tulle for an adult with width and length so the cost will be higher. Also my coworker didn't take into account her big butt (we are both big girls and make fun of each other all the time, in a friendly matter) and it was wayyy to short in the back. I think 15 inchs might be a little short.

I would go for it! Price it at at least $75 and then you will have the experience under your belt! I think that if we made teen size tutu's that they would really sell at shows and the such, I know when I was a teen I still loved tutus!
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