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Default Re: Cheer Bows Overload II ***Picture heavy!***

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
How 'bout that, Ann!! I thought that bow was so cute, and would have NEVER thought to make it that way! I love learning new methods, after I read her blog, I was already looking around to find that pink polka dot ribbon in another shade...addict that I am! LOL

I can only try so hard before the pull of HG forum, ribbon and shiny fabrics breaks me!

PS: bowmakers; I watched today's Nationals competition all day, and there was a lot of those big, beautiful 3" bows out there!! Hopefully, some of yours were on stage at Disney!!! Only a few small, ribbon-tied-in-the-pony teams, and only one bow-put-in-the-hair-wrong-so-it-can't-be-seen-properly team that I saw. wooot wooot
Sadly, not one of my bows has ever made it to Nationals. We compete in the Eastern Region and have to beat out the Jersey Shore teams to advance. I am not sure how they do it year after year, but they always have awesome teams on the mat.

Sometimes those ribbon tied in the pony teams are so good, you don't notice the bows. They work very hard to get there and their effort shows. Now we just need to teach them to "put the star on the tree". Hahahahaha!!!
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