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Originally Posted by mumoffive77 View Post
Hello all,

I am a newby from Northern Ireland!!
I have started making Bows, and I am having lots of trouble sourcing Grosgrain Ribbon :-(, I have LOTS of sating Ribbon, and have tried cooking works ok on korkers, but the boutique style bows i am having trouble with!!
Firstly, my boutique style bows look......odd!!
Not like some of the stunning ones i have seen on here!!
Secondly, I would love a gator bite and templated, but I have to wait until after christmas.
Have any of you worked successfully with satin ribbon?
Have you any tips for me???

Lol, when i look at tutorials here, sone of the stuff i cannot all like the gator bite......BBM templates, so im wondering if you have any alternatives?


Sinead xxxx
I started out using satin ribbon for the same reason as you - it was so much easier to get a hold of, Ive never baked a bow in it so cant help there but hairspray or starch works well to stiffen them up as for the template all i did was take a look at what the templates look like on the internet then played around with cardboard to get the same shape and worked out what sizes i wanted then had my man make me up some hard plastic templates (the cardboard crushes and you get odd size loops after a bit of use so best to have someone cut you some plastic ones)

Ive managed to find a local australian online seller for my grosgrain now thanks to this forum and googling lots of places so my suggestion is to keep searching online using different wording, searching scrabooking sites etc your bound to find something eventually, took me awhile hth
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