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Default Re: Marabou puff added to my layered bow

Originally Posted by BowMamaof4 View Post
I mailed you a few this morning! I sent 2 black, 2 hot pink, 1 purple, and 1 white I think. Did you get the link I sent to the store where I get mine premade? You can also by marabou by the yard but it is MESSY!!!!! Well worth the extra money to buy premade if you ask me.

Thanks yes I did Just didn't know if that was the only place to get them, shipping seemed harsh! But thanks again and WOW you are sending a lot thanks, your package is shipped... well printed and waiting for pick up tomorrow

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
Normally there is a group buy for puffs every couple of months.... The hg name slipped me but I think it's KimRayburn. I haven't seen one for awhile so i bet she'll open one in the near future!
thanks Emilee- your always so helpful ! I will watch I some how think I will love them!

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