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Default Re: Aleens glue gun

I've always used a cheapo $2 glue gun from HL, but it has seemed that once I've decided on a new hobby to try it has grew legs & disappeared. So I'm going out to HL this weekend, or Michaels, to look for a new glue gun. I was just searching around on here, on threads about the best glue guns & it seems like everyone has their own favorites for their own reasons. I was really thinking about the Aleene's Ultimate glue gun until I just read your thread. I was just on HL's website checking to see if they had the Aleene's & trying to look up the price, which i didn't see it on there, but i did see some other ones with pretty nice looking tips on them.

Now ladies, My question is, In my research on this forum It sounds like I need a High temp glue gun & high temp glue to insure that the ribbon & clips, rhinestones, ribbon all stay together... Correct? Or am I mistaken?

Also, to the ladies that use the cheapo glue guns, Is it a cheapo "high temp" glue gun, & what kinda glue do you use?

oh & check out your HL, mine is still having the 50% off ribbon by the roll, 50% floral, until Saturday the 11th.
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