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Originally Posted by mumoffive77 View Post
Thank you so much for replying!!
I shall mark the site as a favourite!!
I have been looking through the for sale things, but some people have had a bad experience with newby buyers!! I can totally understand This!!
I have been in contact with a member about wholesale ordering, and I have bought someones destash!!

Postage to the UK is expensive...IYKWIM!!
But as I said before....there just doesnt seem to be anywhere i can get my stuff........tee hee im looking for an international shipper fro the gator bite....i need advice on templates....OH deary me....I need loads!!
Sorry I can't help you w/the gator bite I never try it ...
If you feel confortable with me you can buy it have them ship it to me, when I get it I can ship it to you. Or I live in San Francisco California if you find I place where they sell it here I can p/u for you and ship it...
I'm not familiar w/international shipping but if you go to the USPS web page you can calculate the shipping base on the weight.
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