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Default Re: Seeking advice on pattern and color selection for dressy Christmas outfit bows

Thanks for the input. I guess I'm tired of the red, green, burgundy, emerald, lace, velvet, etc.

I was happy to hear that the dresses were black and white and wanted to work with that. And while I share your hesitation about the grosgrain gingerbread man it does have the advantage of being "classic" or "timeless" if not exactly elegant.

When I was browsing the ribbon at Michael's today I did find a 3/8" black organza with a subtle line running down the middle. I paired it with the black velvet and someone suggested accenting it with pink. They had a super narrow (1/8" ?) shiny satin with a very thin line of silver along the edge.

Of course they had something similar in green and red. But I like the idea of the stark contrast of the black and the light/bright color ... but instead of silver maybe the pink with a hint of silver?

I may have to break down and call my MIL for more info on the dress. Oftentimes she picks up last year's styles at Marshall's or TJ Maxx but she may have gotten it at Kohl's or Target. In which case I might be able to find it online to take a look. If I actually had to go to the store it would almost be just as easy to pick the dresses up at her house in advance.

Of course it would have been much better if DH had brought them home when he had the chance. But that's another story.

Thanks again.
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