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Default Seeking advice on pattern and color selection for dressy Christmas outfit bows

As soon as I finish one more scarf for my girls' various teachers (the preschooler has 4, aaaaagh) I will start the bows for their Christmas dresses.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them yet since my MIL bought them (which is cool, since it saves me money and it makes her happy to put her bargain shopping prowess to good use) but DH reports that they are black and white. That's all I really know except he did say something about checks but I think he has to mean plaid.

And I know my MIL's sense of style --especially when it comes to the yearly holiday dresses-- so I trust that these have a classic look about them.

I have seen some gorgeous black, white and silver bows here but that seems a little too mature for a 4 and 6 year old.

I do have a 5/8" gingerbread man grosgrain from Michael's: with a bright white background, the gingerbread man is wearing a red and white striped scarf. And I picked up a 1/4" velvet ribbon that I was considering using either as a surround or a smaller accent bow.

I'm iffy about the dressy velvet with the slightly countryish look of the grosgrain. But the white background is shiny so it may pull together. The real question may be whether the black looks good with the medium brown of the gingerbread man.

Is this one of those things you won't know until you actually put it together.

I do have some other grosgrain that I've picked up but I've forgotten what they are. I vaguely remember a narrow (3/8"?) Christmas tree but I can't see that working with the black velvet either.

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