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Default Re: SBB Bow instructions; Worth it?

Originally Posted by SerendipityBoutique View Post
How long is the sale going for? I love my job(teacher) but hate the fact that we only get paid once a month. The 16th cant get here fast enough!!
I've been looking at the SBB instructions for about 3w before I actually bought them yesterday. In a 3w time period I've seen then on sale 3 or 4 times. The first time I stumbled upon them they were on sale for $15, about a week later they were around $20, & I can't remember what the other sale prices were. But I was getting ready to pay the full $25 for them & we had a bad storm that knocked our power out so I didn't get to buy them so I waited till yesterday, the next morning, went to the site they were $25, refreshed b/c my computer was spazing & they were on sale for $12.50. I couldn't pass them up. I'm sure they will be on sale or have a sale soon around the time you get paid.
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