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Default Re: Help!? How do I make this!?

Originally Posted by davang1027 View Post
you just hold the 2 ribbons stacked together then singe them with your heat tool (wood burner or lighter) and it fuses them together. Make sense at all?? MUCH simpler than it looks!
So lay them flat, and then seal the ends together to make them connected?
Lol, I feel so dumb.. Haha.

Originally Posted by heatherjdrake View Post
This bow is precious! I have tried to make a similar bow and IMO it really is difficult to keep the two pieces of ribbon together while making the bow. I use the figure 8 method.

This bow has to be tall when placed in the hair.
Originally Posted by sparkle View Post
Yes, place both ribbons together. I worked with a HG and did lots of bows like this very cute with the color combos. But I do want to tell you its gets though when it comes to the creasing because it gets thick. Then your center will not be as tight IMO.

And yes, I have tried, and the ribbons come apart, Ugh, But I willl TRY TRY again..

I was hoping there was some magical easy secret way...

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