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Default Re: Is this a good buy??

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post

I have a camera tripod already. But I like that this has two diffrent size tents and I like the lights for this one. Or am I just wasting my money?

Or should I just buy a light tent and get lights somewhere else? Idk!!!!
I purchased a light tent with 3 lights and one small & one big tent from Ebay. IMHO ditch the tent. I made my own light box with white poster board. for some reason I was NOT getting the true white background using the light tent. At first I thought it was the materials from the tent (nylon I think) so I made my own white backdrop using white thick cotton. It was okay but not the best. If you can get the right light source, you really don't need a tent. There are tuts on the net on how to make a light box and they are relatively cheap in cost. I made one from a tut I found online when I first started my business back in April, I decided to upgrade and buy a "pro" lighting kit during the summer, only to revert to my old light box. I do like the lamps though...they come in handy especially if you can adjust the height on them..HTH

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