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Default Re: Rhinestone Iron On Applique?!?

Originally Posted by saldanaaa View Post
I made my daughter a rhinestone shirt from those iron on sets, I haven't even washed it and the rhinestones are already falling off...I had my iron set to wool like it said and held it for about 1 minute on each side.
Did you iron on a hard surface, like a cutting board? the ironing board doesn't provide enough resistance. The heat setting may also not be high enough, make sure you had your iron set for no steam...odds are if the rhinestones are falling off now, the adhesive has not been melted. re-apply the transfer paper with the shirt on a very hard surface, no steam high heat for 45-60 seconds. Do not move the iron! Leave transfer paper on until the rhinestone elements have cooled. remove paper, turn shirt inside out and place pressing cloth or parchment paper over design and re-press for 15 seconds, with 5 seconds of pressure. This draws the glue into the garment.
If this doesn't work, try using a hot fix tool to re-apply each rhinestone seperately.

this is what I use to apply the rhinestones/rhinestuds to my cheer bows.

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