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Default Re: Ribbon Lengths ???

Thanks Regina, Cynthia & Jakey1028, not to mention Jen & Lynn. I've copy/pasted most of the info posted into a document I've now saved on my hard drive.

It looks like the link to Lynn's info (with contributions from Lynn) in an earlier post has changed.
3rd Post

jen's recipe

25 inches of 1.5 inch bottom boutique bow, upside down (don't remember where I heard that but gives the bow nice fluff.

3 or more 6 inch spikes, variety of widths and textures, creased and tied (or sewn) after fanning

2 or more 3/8 loopies. I make these like my boutique twist bows now and they look better I think. I make them the measurement as my top bow.

24 inches of 7/8 in a boutique twist for the top.

I usually cut the same length each time and just adjust the tail to suit my needs 

here are some recent additions including a Lynn tribute bow... I think I'll name all my roses that... The Lynn Bow
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