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Default Re: Decisions??

NBNG templates are awesome for a beginner who is just learning. I tried them and I could see where they could allow you to finish your bows quickly and all the same size. The only reason I had a hard time doing it was because I had already gotten accustomed to doing them the way SBB taught me...which is by hand. I just added "training wheels" aka The Sally Clip to it. Now I just do them by freehand.

Never tried the gator bite but have heard excellent reviews on it. The only thing bad I heard was it would snag the ribbon sometimes but that was only by one poster.

SBB.....I really liked these instructions because they were basic and easy to follow. She is very detailed but not to the point where you are left scratching your head with frustration. A ton of pics and a ton of suppliers listed for all kinds of hair accessories and much more. I bought all of her books (instructions, tutus, and starting a business (which is very imformative)

It will come down to preference and what all you are needing. I think it was in this forum I listed quite a bit of info of what you would get in the SBB instructions.

NBNG....Devon is super nice and is pretty good about returning your questions. I bought all of her templates when they first came out and after hoarding them because I thought I will one day use them regularly...with Devon's permission I sold them to a HG awhile back.

Honestly I don't think you can go wrong with either will just have to decide or you can always by both like I did...
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