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Default Re: SBB Bow instructions; Worth it?

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
She has suppliers for:

shipping items
web designers
places for photography tools
places to get storage supplies
clothing (19 listed)
dropshippers (4 listed)

Her business book is amazing. She has everything on there to help you get started on selling.

She gives you info on
resizing and editing photos
selling on ebay
how to determin your profits
LLC or Sole Proprietor
Getting that tax ID that many of you don't have but should
creating that website....................and so much more.

I can't type everything on there in general. She is very detailed and that explains why her instructions are pricey. I am curious as to what all she has added to her revised books. I am sure a whole lot more. Back then she did not have flowers and I noticed they are on there too. Makes me want to see about buying them again just to see who her suppliers are.

Of all the instructions I have bought I have felt hers to be more informative. Usually everyone leaves out those small important details to help you and she offers information in there that many choose to keep secret.

Now as making beautiful bows....practice practice practice is the only way you can get good at it.

OHHH! Thats who it was! I remember awhile back someone having a "business book" on etsy and couldn't remember who and I searched high and low for it. lol
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