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Default Re: Ribbon/fabric Burp Cloths

I actually make mine out of fabric. I cut my "front" out of flannel or cotton fabric, use a flannel liner cut the same size and use either chenille or minky fabric for the back. I cut them 10X17 and they turn out appr. 9X16. I layer my fabrics in this order: flannel liner on the bottom, chenille or minky right side up on top top of the liner and then my top fabric right side down on top of the chenille or minky. Pin. Sew all 4 sides leaving a 3 inch opening for turning. I leave my opening on the bottom of the burp cloth. Clip corners to reduce bulk, turn and press. Topstitch all around to close opening and give a finished look. I love to make these and always make some to give as gifts to all my mommy friends!
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