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Originally Posted by cobyshayngirl View Post
I have CS5 and Lightroom. DH has a friend who's company was bought out by Adobe last year and got us a ridiculous deal on CS5 when it came out ($52 shipped) and we got Lightroom for free.

I've heard from my photog friends that Nikon is more user friendly, but even my Nikon friends say that they like the picture quality of the Canon better. My friend has an older Canon and her daughter bought the Nikon that you're looking at. Mom loves her Canon, and daughter loves her Nikon, but thinks her mom's camera takes better pics. They both brought their camera's to do a baby shoot (before I got my T1i) and I have to agree with them. Mom's camera was better IMO.
they are about the same price right now.. the t1i is on sale for 600.. the nikon is about 50 cheaper. I really want to take the time and learn to use it I love taking pictures just wish I had an awesome camera.. i'm going to talk to my dad about buying a lens for it.. how do you learn what lens you like/ what they do?
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