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Default Re: Cheer Bows Overload II ***Picture heavy!***

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
I went back and checked my receipts and you're right, it wasn't RABOM! So thanks for saving me from feeling like I down-talked a good supplier. Unfortunately, it was from HG. See my other post "zebra ribbon not bonding! help!!"..... I don't want to say anything more other than I wont purchase the french clips here anymore either. Thick zebra (2" or 2.25") is hard to find, so if anyone here knows of a good supplier, LMK. The thinner stripe zebra that I've purchased from LSM does not "show" well on the floor, so I've used fabric before, too, but I didn't have time to wait for spandexworld to ship, and Michelle ships overnight CHEAP! But anyway, lesson learned...
Oh goodness, now that you mention it I remember mine wasn't hair bow center, it was HG too ... I only ordered the 3/8" zebra from hair bow center so I can't speak for the quality of the other sizes but I did like what I got.
I know what you mean about having a hard time finding the wider zebra ribbon with the wider stripes. I hate having to use the fabric for it.
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