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Originally Posted by PrincessBel View Post
You are welcome! Glad to help...

Yup... will try 80% with a solid color cloth first... If it works, then I'll try the Christmas fabric.

By the way, I saw your ISO for a knot dress for you DD... You can try a non-Christmas print fabric, with glitter on it. Glitter always makes anything look Christmas-y.
I ended up ordering one done with the Moda bliss fabric in blue on Etsy. I'm hoping it'll be Christmasy enough but still wearable afterwards. Then I found someone selling 2 of the same fabrics and ordered some to do a flower for dd's hair and I'm gonna try a tie with it for ds. Thanks for your help!! I'm going to try a tie with a different fabric while I'm waiting for that to come. DS is 6 and keeps asking to wear ties ALL the time now and there just aren't any cute kids ones out there.
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