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Default Re: Cheer Bows Overload II ***Picture heavy!***

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
I had some problems with the bows, the HnB wasn't bonding, but couldn't use E6000 due to the strong possibility of the glue showing through the ribbon. Some of the ribbon smeared due to ironing, even though I ironed on the back side of the black ribbon, it was a near-disaster....will never order zebra from RABOM again. Because of the smearing, I had to fold some of the bows differently, because the ribbon actually had a "top" and "bottom" where the zebra stripe continued to the edge of the ribbon only on one side...the other side's stripes stopped about 1/4" to 1/8" from the edge of the ribbon. So, I had to either fold them differently or have the edge of zebra ribbon showing that had an area void of stripes showing. Hard to explain, but what a royal PIA. next time, just sticking with my zebra standby, venus or Schiff.
Are you sure you got that zebra ribbon from RABOM? I have gotten zebra from them many times and it has never been that type of zebra. It is the thinner black lines and looks completely different. The ones in your picture do look like the ones I got from ****. It has that type of zebra print, the weird texture you're talking about, and the zebra not running completely to the edge. If you did get it from RABOM, maybe it was a one-time bad batch thing with a different manufacturer?

**never mind, wrong company!

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