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Default Re: SBB Bow instructions; Worth it?

Originally Posted by lADYBUGS.M0MMYx0 View Post
Thank you so much!

It says that when you buy instructions from her that you have access to all the updates, lifetime. So If she has updated anything in the book you bought wouldn't you think you'd have access?
Yes..I would. You have access to her private forums as well plus her yahoo group. I have never taken the time to check out what updates she has or the yahoo group. I had been on the forum religiously but most of the ladies including myself all had our babies around the same time and we have been too busy to get on there so we have been talking on facebook instead over bow related stuff. We need to go back on there and get things going again. I will talk to Jennifer to see how she is doing because her success skyrocketed and she has been extremely busy.....not sure if she has done any updates or anything with the yahoo group lately.
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