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Default Re: SBB Bow instructions; Worth it?

Originally Posted by lADYBUGS.M0MMYx0 View Post

So I'm a beginner at bow making, looking for a really good set of instructions to follow...I was wondering if anyone that has or is using SBB's instructions & your thoughts on it? Is it worth the money? Have you had any trouble w/ it being a ebook? Do you think it will be good for a beginner, someone new to bow making?

Hubby thinks I'm a little crazy for buying a ebook & not a hands on book I can touch & have in front of me... but I rather pay $25 then $70 +.
Plus I've been trying to explain to him that I can put it on a CD to have a copy in case something happens to the computer or what not. Well, I don't know for sure if i can put it on a CD, I just assumed since you can print them out then you can put it on a CD...

Thank you in advance!
Not sure what SBB is but I highly recommend the NBNG templates and ebook (google no bow no go)
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