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Default Re: Packaging Cheer Bows

Originally Posted by mommato5 View Post
Hi everyone! I have been gaining all sorts of knowledge from you, but I have a question about cheer bows. I am doing my first order and I am wondering how you package these when you give them to the team. For normal bows I just use plastic baggies, but obviously the cheer bows will not fit in those unless I use gallon size ziploc. Any tips would be much appreciated!
I agree with Shelleigh....I package my bows loosely stacked with white tissue paper. If you look at the Cheer Bow Care instructions thread, I suggest to my customers storing their bow in a small disposable tupperware container. That way, nothing can happen to the bow once it's out of the hair and in a bag.

Just a suggestion. That and $.25 may by you a cup of coffee.

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