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Default Re: Packaging Cheer Bows

Originally Posted by mommato5 View Post
I am doing my first order and I am wondering how you package these when you give them to the team. For normal bows I just use plastic baggies, but obviously the cheer bows will not fit in those unless I use gallon size ziploc. Any tips would be much appreciated!
Depends on how they will be delivered. Hand delivery, esp to someone I know, gets a cute gift bag with my logo, bow(s) wrapped gently in colored tissue paper with my instruction card, handles tied with matching curly ribbon.
Shipped bows get layered, packed and wrapped in white tissue with those air-filled packing balloons, with film-type wrap lining interior of box, just in case the box gets wet. I use large flat boxes from UPS store or the container store. Baggies will cause the bows to get squished and (horror!!) the loops will get flattened or ends will not stay flat.
But, I don't sell boutique-y type bows, only cheer bows, streamers, headbands, and spankies.
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