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Default Re: What do you make with double-ruffle ribbon?

I really dig it as streamers, too! It's nice! I put in several 3/8th grosgrain and satin. Put in 3 DR ribbons... It's full and very pretty.

I have layered it with grograin. I should take a pic. (but I suck at the pic taking and then posting).

I have put a 7/8 DR on top of a 1 1/2 DR. I then make the bow like the TOTT looks really nice and much firmer/fuller. It's heavy though.

I've done it with TOTTS instructions (it makes 6 loops). It's so nice and fluffy. I really like it! (but don't sell it well)

I've lined flip flops with it. Those are very attractive!

I'm probably forgetting something...

I really do like DR ribbon! It's nice, nice, nice!
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