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Default Re: Cheer Bow Care Instructions

I am having a hard time keeping up with the request. I have posted the instructions in the Instructions Section of the forum, but here is the condensed version to share with everyone. Ann

Caring for Your Bow!

Ponytail holders stretch out over time and use. They also can break. I cannot guarantee the life of the ponytail holder. If yours should break, one can be easily reattached. If you feel confident to replace on your own feel free. If not, simply give me a call and we can make arrangements to replace the ponytail holder at a small fee. You may also feed a narrow piece of ribbon through the back center of the bow and use it as a tie in.

When finished using your bow, you may wish to place it in a Tupperware container so that it lays flat and close it up until next use. NEVER throw your bow in the bottom of your gym bag and certainly never throw it in there unprotected. If you return a damaged bow to me for repair that was the result of misuse or it is apparent the care instructions were not followed, I will charge a fee for the repair or the full price for a replacement bow.

If you should get something on your bow, you may spot clean the soiled area (Never try to clean sequins) with a clean, damp (NOT WET), white cloth. Submerging the bow in water runs the risk of the colors bleeding on to one another and the layers coming undone.

Frayed ends? Simply pass a lighter quickly over the tail ends to seal them again. Do NOT hold your bow or the ribbon directly to the flame. You will burn the ribbon.

Reshaping your bow: Bows can be reshaped with a little hairspray (I use Aussie Instant Freeze) and a blow dryer. Spray the areas that needs reshaping, fix to the desired shape and hit with a blow dryer on low. This will reshape the bow and stiffen it back up giving it a fresh, crisp look. When reshaping a bow with sequin, please be careful not to get hairspray on the sequins. I will dull the look of the bow.

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