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Default Re: Pls Help!! with my basic bow

Your top right loop is exactly what you want the rest of your loops to look like. You're going to have to study your bow and see the way every fold is layed, and you will figure it out. Are you sewing?? If so I would suggest a salon clip to hold it in place and sew in the middle. Start with your needle going DOWN, then go: up, down, and end coming UP. Space it equally. The crease is really important. The back of the bow needs to look symetrical when it's tied and knotted. All the creases need to be even, and the folds need to be toward the back of the bow, not the front. That's going to determine the shape of your loops.

Shaping is KEY, learning to pull your loops to look just like the others takes practice but it's gets much easier! Don't be afraid to be mean to your bow! I've batteled the twisted boutique for 2 years now and finally mastered it a few months ago. I've spent many many nights remaking the bow 40 times in a row, ugh! Lol!

I hope this all makes sense, it really just takes practice and studying your bow!! but those tips should help you (again, if they make sense to you!) I'm not the best at explaining things
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