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Default Re: Bottlecaps in korkers?

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Hey! Sorry you didn't get much response. I do add bottlecaps to my korkers. I first do E6000 in my bottlecap, add the felt circle (from dollar tree-the things that go under chair legs. Perfect size and width for the cap). I spread my korker out so the center is exact. Then put E6000 in the center. I put the cap on that E6000 and clip it on each side with a clothes pin until it cures.

Thanks so much megan I really wasn't sure how to do this. I wasn't even sure it could be done lol It's just that the only bows I've made so far are korkers and raggies (and it just doesn't work in a raggie). I will try your suggestion, thank you!

Originally Posted by Vanitha View Post
I never tried bottlecap on a korker, but if you need assistance on attaching them to the clip- this is how i do

Originally Posted by Vanitha View Post
ok this i found,

I think the pic is deleted, you can see the bottlecap on the full size korker
Vanitha, thanks so much for the links! They definitely help

Originally Posted by ldelzer View Post
I would think you could do it. But, what I would do is make my korker about 1/2 full. Instead of 30-ish pieces of korker, I might try 15-20. I think that would still accomplish the curls, but it would only be a frame (rather than overwhelm)

Ahhh, true... true

Before I posted asking for help, I tried to just glue one in the center of the korker I had, but the curls just covered it up. That's why I thought I'd ask to see how others do it.
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