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Default Re: Watermark Question

Oh bless you for sharing this! I'm sure that photoshop would be such a dang handy tool if I know how to actually use it! LOL!
Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
If you're using photoshop, this is what I do:
(note... I like to place my watermarks one by one because it may work better in a certain spot on the photo. So if you're wanting to do it in bulk, this probably won't help...)

1. Open a new blank file. (I did 400x150, but you can make it however big or small you like)
2. Make sure the background is tansparent.
3. Select the text tool and type what you would like your watermark to say. (You can make this as large or small as you like and in whatever font you like.)
4. Make sure that your text is spelled correctly and looks how you would like it to appear on your watermark.
5. Under "Edit" click "Define BRUSH." Name this brush whatever you wish to name it.

Congrats! You just made your first watermark!!! Now... to use it...

1. Open whatever image you'd like the watermark on.
2. Select the brush tool.
3. If you look towards the top of photoshop you'll see a menu that has all the brush sizes and shapes. You will see (probably towards the bottom) your watermark. Click it.
4. At the top where you selected your brush, you will see other options, such as size and opactity. Play with the size and opacity till you find what you like. I ususally set my size depending on the photo, and I NORMALLY set the opacity to around 30-40%.
5. Be sure to select what color you would like your watermark to be. I ususally use white or black.
6. Now, click where you would like the watermark to appear on your picture.

You're finished! Save and do what you wish with your photo!
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