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Default Re: Flower Barrettes for Cheerleaders

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
I meant to mention in my PM, our coaches for the JM and PW teams have braided the girls hair, front then "turning" off so it runs up the side then upwards again to the pony, kind of like a letter "J", maybe that coach could try that, with the flower added halfway in, because the weight of the bling and the flower will drag it down, if worn on the side of their head, especially with high-scoring tumbling and basket tosses. So it may cause the flower to "face" down or flop up and down during jumps, cheers, and tumbling. Wow, Is the coach absolutely positive she wants to try this NOW??? This will be a good advertisement for Got2Be glued freezing gel stuff and hair spray!!!!!
Good luck! Just be glad it isn't your girls!!!! LOL
I gave her a couple of samples the other night. I will run your suggestion about the braid to her and see. I think it may go along with the flavor of the latin routine as well. Thank you and all the other posters for your input. I think together we have probably nailed this one down!
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