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Default Re: how to make his style

Originally Posted by Meghan View Post
Ok I was inspired by all of you and tried my hand at these tonight, they are addicting! I had to cut myself off after the 4th one lol. Im not in love with the first one I did (the pink/brown) but I like the rest a lot! Im not sure Im going to put spikes on the red one, I kinda like it without! I used sparkly tulle and marabou on that one These are kind of heavy so I think I will put them on french clips. I really suck at taking pictures of my bows but you can at least get an idea...would love any feedback, good or bad!

I have a show this weekend and I am interested to see how they do, I will be listing these on my FB page after the show if they don't sell I am going to charge an additional 2-3 dollars for these I think....what are you guys calling them? Funky Loopy Bows? lol
They're all cute but I LOVE the second one!

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