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Originally Posted by ebd1550 View Post
made a few last night - will post pics when I have them on the dowels - amI wrong in thinking that the looser you wrap the easier it is to cut and it also makes the poms a little bigger too?
It did make mine bigger/fluffier when I wrapped it more losely. I'm glad Lorraine figured out the more dense look like the whimsy wands b/c that was the look I wanted to know how to do: but I can see wanting both looks for different projects.

I can't wait to see pictures!

Something else I noticed (just to throw a kink in what we've already done) is that Wendy's dowels seem to be put through the OTHER center--not the "birthing canal" like we're doing now.

See this picture:******Removing picture. I don't have permission to post so I want to take it down just in case the owner doesn't want it up (I've not been contacted).******

See how the tighter, more gathered tulle is on the sides? The dowel is inserted perpendicularly to what we're doing. This seems to be the case on all of hers. How is that possible unless she's just gluing them on the top and not putting the dowel through the entire pom. That wouldn't seem to be as sturdy. Hmmmm. It's a mystery (to me at least).

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