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Default Re: Got my cuddlebug! Where can I find different shapes for it?

Originally Posted by meganskiddos View Post
Awesome! Thank you so much ladies! You all were very helpful. I am super stoked that I can get other dies and play around
I will check the tut tomorrow more when my eyes aren't so sleepy so I can figure out what plates mine came with and what plates I will need with other brand dies.

I did notice though when I did the first die tonight that came with it, it left a small indention on the plate. It left the shape of the die on the plate. Is that normal? DH did it actually. He "said" he followed directions, but I thought I would ask you ladies if that is normal.
oh yeah, that will happen! I rotate mine (upside down then right to left, if that makes sense, when I do each pass) to make the plastic last longer.

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