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Default Re: Hello Kitty hats by flintb

Thank you Jasmin, that was so nice of you to make this thread! I've been answering messages all night and haven't browsed the thread much. I did send you a message on fb because I saw your new profile picture and I love it! I love seeing my products on other people, especially little kids because I know how much my girls love everything I make. There was a day that I could quietly craft during the day, it didn't last long. Now I get "can I cut" "make me a bow with these ribbons" and my favorite (when I'm not doing anything) "Can we cut ribbon today?" This one comes from letting kids help with GB's. She really likes helping with FOE GB's. The baby (21mths now) is still sheltered from the craft stuff. When I don't have to come out of the shower to the entire NEW box of kleenex all pulled out, all over my bed, then maybe she can help too. I'd love to have good helpers! Anyway, for others wondering who haven't PM'ed yet. I do sell them, but with my fb orders, craft shows, and hat orders, I'd be about 3 weeks out. If you need something for Christmas, I'll do my best on new orders, but it's getting close now. And if anyone hasn't been to the PO lately, Christmas shipping lines have started! I think Black Friday lines to get into stores go faster than the Post Office lines. Thank God I can do most shipping online. Okay, back to work. Also, I'll be on here a little less over the next couple of weeks, but check messages almost everyday, except Sunday and sometimes Saturday.

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