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Default Re: Attaching alligator clip to tulle puff

What about gluing a felt circle on the back then glue the clip to that to give it a 'bottom' instead of such a round ball.

Originally Posted by aem88 View Post
Hi, all! I've been lurking here lately, and I love all the wonderful advice given.

I make tulle puff bows, and I am trying to figure out a better way to attach them to an alligator clip. I use the cardboard circles to make my bows and then tie off with some sturdy string. I have been sliding the top of the alligator clip under the string and then hot-gluing a no-slip grip on top of that. However, this makes for a very buried alligator clip because my bows are very full.

Does anyone know of a better way to attach a clip? I'd love to know! Thanks!
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