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Default Re: How to attach two ribbons?

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Hello - I'm having trouble making a bow (like a pinwheel or boutique bow) when layering a 7/8" ribbon on top of a 1 1/2" ribbon. I tried gluing the thinner ribbon on top of the wider ribbon with a hot glue gun before making the bow, but the glue seems to dry fast and forms a bump where the ribbons are glued together. Any suggestions?
I always used Beacon's (I think it was fabri-tac?); it was clear and in a clear bottle. Also- I drew a dotted line where I wanted the glue and did it a little at a time: 3-4 inches, smear the glue, put on the top layer ribbon, put a book or something hefty on it, wait a few minutes, do the next few inches. I'm sure there's an easier way; but as I only ever made for personal use, I just stuck with what worked.... even if it was overly time consuming.
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