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Default Re: Honest opionions on these photos

Originally Posted by tracy9867 View Post
All I can say is "WOW" these are so impressive. Okay, I need to get off my butt and take some pictures (my least favorite part).

OK you are hilarious!
Originally Posted by micmac68 View Post
I can't get the site to come up!!! I am SO sad - I really wanted to see them!!
??? I will have to check it. Who is your internet service provider?
Originally Posted by Dede View Post
Honest opinion... photography is outstanding. But... I'm wondering if the overall effect would be nicer if you turned the photos so the boxes are all going the same way.
When I started taking the pics, that is what I had in mind. I started taking them, I figured out that it was next to impossible to get them all exactly the same... and it was so very noticable with the straigt edges of the frame. Do you think that it would be better that way? I am a perfectionist when it comes to things like that.
Originally Posted by blondie View Post
I agree. it's a bit distracting with them tilted in many directions. but great job on the photos!
Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I agree with this that way it is easier on your eyes as you are browsing. The photos are awesome and the products are beautiful.

Originally Posted by Robin7786 View Post
LOVE THEM! Your work is beautiful, the pictures and the products both! But I think I kinda like them going in different directions.... but im kinda weird lol
Ha HA! I guess I am kindof random like that as well.
I have an awesome destash waiting for you;
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