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Default Re: Flower Barrettes for Cheerleaders

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
Where are they wearing the flowers? What if it was on a smaller yet still thick, pony-O, that they can put in their hair closer to their temple, you wouldn't have to worry about it breaking that way, but still not as bulky as the larger pony-o's. I'll paste a pic in a min...

OK, the first pic is the scunci smaller ones I was talking about,...they are the ones like power bows use.

second pic is the large thick goody brand ponys I usually use.

Would still look better with a snap clip, though, but I'm feeling your pain!

Not exactly sure how they are wearing their hair. Right now, they are still going to wear it in a pony, but want to attach the bow to the side of their head. I'm thinking near their ear.

I am going to try it a few different ways and send them in to practice for a test run. This team purchases bows from me regularly, so I am not concerned about letting them do this. Plus, it's great experience for the next time a team asks for something off the wall.

I will let you know how this works out too.
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