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Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
If you don't mind me asking, how do you sew the strips on a pony-o? Do you do something similar to this?
I couldn't get the doc to open

I sew them (one at a time) on to a 3/8 inch strip of ribbon (I forget how long) as a "base", and then clue the base ribbon onto either an unlined alligator or unlined french clip depending how big my bow is. The base ribbon then becomes the lining for the clip. After I glue my base ribbon and bow onto the clip I usually add a few drops of glue onto the top of the clip and glue the bottom strips down to the clip, to make it less floppy. Then I spray with starch (I starch and iron my fabric before I cut it into strips also) fluff a bit, and hang upside down to dry.

I like to use French clips for the big ones and alligators for the piggies. In my area moms much prefer alligators for everything no matter how big the bow is In my opinion the big bows stay put better on a French clip- but French clips don't sell very well here.
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