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Originally Posted by TraseeAnn View Post
I use the spikey bow tut from punkynmunky. I like mine sewn cuz my DD is a master of destroying bows that aren't sewn!! I also have the Goosie Girl tut too. Very well written! I haven't used the tut yet to try to make one.

I use 3.5 inch strips for piggies and 4.5 inch strips for single big ones. Keep in mind, mine are sewn and not knotted so I don't need strips that are too long.
If you don't mind me asking, how do you sew the strips on a pony-o? Do you do something similar to this?

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
no i havent bought a tut tut for it - which tut tut do you have? what is a rag strip bow? - i havent heard of that one
Rag strip bow is just a term I use myself If you take a pony-o, you can tie strips of fabric around it. You can use tulle, organza ribbon.. whatever you like.
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