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Originally Posted by Scraporilla View Post
I have tons of fabric and don't know what to do with it all. These bows are adorable. Does anyone know where I can get a tut for it. I would appreciate it.

You can get a raggie bow tut here ~ HTH!

Originally Posted by ejbryant View Post
I've always wanted to make them for my 2 dd. I just don't know how. Yours look great. Super cute
Thanks so much ej! You're very kind

Have you bought the tut?

Also, have you ever tried your own version of a rag strip bow? Like the kind where you just tie the strips on a pony-o?

Originally Posted by rachie2531 View Post
I purchased the tut for these when they first came around and they are super cute but also a little big for my crowd here. I ended up having to make them a little smaller for them to sell and most people buy them as piggy sets from me. I make them really small and sew onto a pony o' or french clip. Hope thats helpful!
I do put mine on a French barrette. It would never stay in her hair otherwise lol Glad that the little ones sell for you

Originally Posted by s_hernandez402 View Post
Thanks Maxine, she;s definitely a character. I use 15 in each one and these ones measured about 2.5" finished
Thanks s! I'm going to play around with them a little bit and see what I come up with

(and it's great that she's a character ~ I love children with spirit!)
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