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Default Re: sculpture clippies

i use both it honestly depends on the sculpture...for about 95% i use E6000. yes, it can take a little longer to set, but i do like that i can position the ribbon to EXACTLY where i want it while it's still wet (i'm a bit anal about certain things). sometimes i use fabric-tac for things that i'm afraid the e6000 might bleed thru or need to set a little quicker, but i have had some problems with things coming undone with fabric tac so i try to use it as little as possible. some sculptures, like caterpillars, that i uuse all curls for, i use hot glue gun because it would take forever to wait for the e6000 to set before finishing each part of the curl. i have a huge craftsman hi-melt glue gun that my mom used when i was younger, and it's taken a lot of practice but i have gotten very neat with it! i just still prefer the e6000 the most
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