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Default Re: Bow of the Month Club?

I was at the mall and saw a six stem bouquet of miniature stuffed animals and it occurred to me that you could do something like that --with bows obviously-- in combination with a six month membership to a bow of the month club.

They could pay for all 12 bows now, get 6 in the form of a bouquet (they could select the "blooms" from what you have on hand), and get the other 6 over the next six months.

Since they'd be getting half up front that would eliminate a lot of the uncertainty of whether or not they'll like them; and whether or not you'll be able to follow through for the duration.

I don't know how much the bouquet would actually need to look like a bouquet, but with a little imagination I think you could figure out how to put one together. I wouldn't go overboard because that would just add to the expense.
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