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Default Steel or aluminum, or... do you care if your buttons rust?

Dritz-type buttons have aluminum shells (fronts). They don't rust. Machine cover buttons (the ones I sell) can have aluminum, rust-resistant, or aluminum shells. I started stocking non-rusting shells exclusively after I washed a dress with steel buttons, and the rust went right through the fabric. This is not my photo, but here is an example:

Steel is cheaper, though -- I sell steel shells to this company. I keep on them on hand just for them, but now I'm wondering if I should stock steel shells as an option for everyone.

So... pretend you own a button machine. You want #45 shells (1 1/8") -- steel shells are .03 each and aluminum shells are .04 each. Which one will you buy?

For the record, #45 aluminum shells from here work out to roughly .16 each.
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