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Default Re: Bow of the Month Club?

Possible Answers to those ?s

  • How long would the membership be for? 6 months? A year? (every week is a little too ambitious, imo)
I Was thinking about this.. possibly offering 4 different levels (a little ambitious I know but it would cover most peoples needs I would say..)
A 1 month, once a week 4 bows for $25
A 1 year, once a month 12 bows for $60
A 6 month, once a month, 6 bows for $40
A one year, once a quarter, 4 bows for $25

These would be my $4 bows... (Basic 4" pinwheels or smaller layered bows or sets of clippies or a small set of pig tail bows.. Im in the middle of no where so my bow prices are much lower than the average boutique)

Those prices would include shipping... which I can do including supplies for less than $2 a bow (there would be a disclaimer stating that bows will be shipped via bubble envelope and if they wish to upgrade(for a fee) they may so choose)
  • Will you create a brochure showing the style of bow for each month?
Not sure on this... good idea though not sure if I have time to for this craft show. The bows would not be set though... I will have samples of my work (since im selling bows there as welll) Customer does not get to pick out the bows (they are getting a discount afterall!) but they would be able to say things like no purple or no pigtail or things of that nature. Basically they would be shown what the options are for bows...

Or another idea... they could always choose their bows each month from the ones I have available on my etsy or fb pages 2 weeks in advance? What do you think?
  • Do they pay it all up front, or each month in advance of the next shipment?
All money would be payed up front to recieve the discounts. If they want to send a bow they could always do that at the regular price plus shipping
  • What happens if they're not satisfied with the bow you sent?
The could of course send it back in exchange for one they are satisfied with at their shipping expenses. I would most likely upgrade the bow or include a free one. Of course they can always opt to end the subscription and recieve a pro-rated refund
  • What is the backup plan if all of a sudden (for whatever reason), you're no longer able to make bows
Either all money would be refunded OR I would try and find someone else to fill the orders. Or I may purchase bows wholesale and continue filling orders but take no more

Let me know if those answers seem feasible. I am one semester shy of a business degree so I am always looking for that potential business. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
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