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Default Re: Bow of the Month Club?

Originally Posted by MistyMeadowW View Post
I have never heard of that but it sounds like a good idea!! I am curious to see how people would do it.
It's a great idea but Maxine makes some good points.

I think "Bow of the Month" implies one a month, not one a week. I think most "one a month" clubs run for a year.

Theoretically the buyer's satisfaction isn't any more of a problem than usual except it's a recurring issue.

I think the best business model would be for them to pay for the whole year up front, but that you should keep the unearned money in reserve for potential refunds (full or partial) or to pay another talented bow maker to take up where you left off if you for some reason you can't complete the contract. You may want to include that provision in any written contract.

I'd like to see you try this. Good luck.
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