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Default Re: Bow of the Month Club?

Originally Posted by snmhxf View Post
Has anyone done something like this? I was thinking about offering it for purchase at my next craft fair... I would offer different levels and have the purchaser fill out info sheets including the child's favorite colors and choice of pig tails or regular bows. Each month or quarter or even week if they so choose bows would be mailed to the girl. What girl doesnt love getting mail? I think this would be a good Chirstmas gift... especially for those that are not near their loved ones.

I was just wondering if anyone does this and if they do how well did it do and what prices did you use? TIA
I always love reading about new, enthusiastic ideas

I'm no longer in the selling aspect of crafting, but some things to think about might be...

  • How long would the membership be for? 6 months? A year? (every week is a little too ambitious, imo)
  • Will you create a brochure showing the style of bow for each month?
  • Do they pay it all up front, or each month in advance of the next shipment?
  • What happens if they're not satisfied with the bow you sent?
  • What is the backup plan if all of a sudden (for whatever reason), you're no longer able to make bows?
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