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Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
I like them. I have only made a few. I like to make them to match the knot dresses that my mom makes for my girls, use the left over fabric. I also made a few UL/Uk ones and sold them. I do make mine smaller. I like the big ones but they kind of seem to take over some of the little ones heads, so I make them just a little smaller.
I definitely see what you mean about the bows taking over the head on little ones. When I first put it on gd's head, she ran over to the mirror and started admiring it.. so I let her wear it. She loves them! But I am going to try and make a smaller one. If you don't mind sharing, how many strips do you use in your smaller ones?

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Those are so pretty!!! As for the size...well I am in Texas and big bows are a big thing here. My 1 yr old wears huge bows.
Way to go Texas! LoL! Ronnie, do you have raggies for your little one? If you do, are they on headbands?
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